2019-09-30: The Leo monster again.

2019-09-28: The Leo at the dog park.

2019-09-25: Handsome man Leo

2019-09-23: Dog park time

2019-09-15: Leo that handsome monster.

2019-09-12: Those eyes!!! Unbelievable.

2019-09-10: My beautiful Maya Mooskie. That is her smile!

2019-09-09: Snuggle monster Leo Burke.

2019-08-28: Bird dogging it.

2019-08-22: Making home-made pizza with my family, does not get much better than this!

2019-08-21: Taste of Scotland. Manchester, VT is too cool.

2019-08-20: My brother James. Vacay Summer 2019. Handsome goofball.

2019-08-18: Just wow. Vermont equals all the green.

2019-07-27: Red Sox Time

2019-07-22: I don’t know, I got a kick out of this. Boston in the summer.

2019-07-19: Back from the groomers with a lil bandana.

2019-07-16: Question for the community: Should Twitter ban Trump’s racist tweets or let them slide like …

2019-07-16: Beautiful day to watch some tennis on the clay courts!

2019-07-12: Some well used courts. Beautiful.

2019-07-12: Proud of our teams in Boston. Love this display at the airport!

2019-07-08: Huge Celtics fan. I wanted Kemba earlier in the year. This past year of Celtics basketball was …

2019-07-08: I’m not religious, but I love this ominous reminder tucked away in Harvard square.

2019-07-05: Trophy position in the house! 🎾

2019-07-05: Power pose. Standing guard at the dog park.

2019-07-03: Tricky taking photos of my Maya, her fur is pure black. She’s my girl!

2019-07-03: My lil alien.

2019-07-01: Backhand return. Coaching tennis is such a unique challenge.

2019-06-22: Dogs got hops….

2019-04-19: #Celtics 1 more game Milwaukee

2019-04-17: Trident booskstore…my favorite place in Boston!

2019-04-13: The vet, Leo in a Snuggie Going to get shots, in the pouring rain. Tough morning for Leo.

2019-04-13: Been a rough couple days. Thank the Lord for dogs. Leo the snuggler?

2019-04-12: Totally New Interesting. I just introduce myself and why I’m trying to go indie web all the way.

2019-04-11: Maxing and relaxing. We crushed the dog park today…..twice.

2019-03-21: Moroccan Magic The red clay is absolutely incredible, you slide, move and can play the ball with all kinds of time.

2019-02-07: The dark side of dog ownership. #responsibleowner

2019-02-05: I got this KB…don’t forget to tip me in your Uber app. #frenchiesaremultitalenetedbeasts

2019-02-02: we dog park snow or shine

2019-02-01: Lil cold, but I love this girl

2018-12-22: Yale Sausage anyone? NYC Harvard Club has some crimson, and my favorite painting in the world. Bulldog sausages, courtesy …

2018-11-25: Can frenchies enter field competitions?

2018-11-17: Hunting squirrels

2018-10-09: Bootiliscious